Supercapacitors are recognized as one of the most ideal candidates for green energy storage. Supercapacitors are a form of energy storage that offers high power density, almost instantaneous charge and discharge, high reliability and very long lifetimes.

Today, supercapacitor technologies, which are among the energy technologies, have come to the fore especially with the efficient and efficient storage of energy and its reuse when needed. Supercapacitors, also known as electrochemical capacitors, which fill the gap between conventional dielectric capacitors (with high power output) and batteries (with high energy storage life), are of great interest today due to their high power density, fast charge-discharge processes, long-term charge and long lifetime. . It is of great importance to increase supercapacitor performances, to control, develop and optimize the structure and properties of the electrode material. For this reason, the synthesis of new nanocomposite electroactive materials and the development of new and efficient supercapacitors with enhanced performance, combining the unique advantages of nanoscale different capacitive materials, are one of the important goals of this field. In addition, electrochemical energy storage systems, which are among the storage technologies, come to the forefront in terms of efficient and efficient storage of energy obtained from renewable energy sources and reuse in case of need.

Developed materials can be studied with supercapacitor technologies.