Yıldız Technical University UYGAR centers collaborations:

             YTU Science and Technology Application and Research Center

             YTU Statistics Application and Research Center


 *Interdisciplinary collaborations within Yıldız Technical University:

             Department of Chemical Engineering

               Hydrogen Technologies and Energetic Materials Laboratory

               Energy and Materials Laboratory

            Department of Metallurgical Materials Engineering

                Fuel Cell Research Laboratory

                Advanced Materials and Semiconductors Laboratory for Energy Storage Systems

                Glass Research Laboratory

            Department of Physics

               Organic Electronics Laboratory

               Nanomaterial Characterization Laboratory

               Polymer Physics Research Laboratory

            Department of Chemistry

               Analytical Research Laboratory

               Physical Chemistry Laboratory

               Organic Chemistry Laboratory

           Mechanical engineering department

                Hydromechanics and Hydraulic Machinery Department Laboratory

           Department of Electrical Engineering

                Alternative Energy Technologies Laboratory

                Smart Home Systems Laboratory

            Department of Economics

            Department of Industrial Engineering